Do not let your diet or training routine get in the way of your social life, the gym and eating habits that follow should fit around your normal schedule not take it over! The gym is not everything!

Use these tips to allow you to still go out and enjoy your life whilst keeping on track with your fitness goals. –

Know your foods! Educate yourself on what foods roughly fit your diet, take a look at the menu prior to going and pick out some meals that suit you! Some restaurants will show the calories in the meals so choose something that fits your diet and keeps you from looking un-social!

Having a salad isn’t the only answer! (They usually have more calories than you think anyway). –

Control your calorie intake during the day! If you know that you are going out for food, (can also be at work, school, etc) at some point and won’t have complete control over what you are eating, try reducing your calories in your other meals to keep your daily calorie intake the same. –

Diet drinks! Read my article on diet drinks if you are unsure on their health risks. Usually 0 calories, 0 sugar and taste decent so it’s a no brainier! –

If you have any questions regarding nutrition or eating out drop me a message.

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