The one and only factor responsible for weight loss/gain is calories in vs calories out!

Not portion size, not the amount of carbs or fat, not the fact it’s junk food! It’s simply calories in vs calories out

Every so called diet you see on TV or in magazines knows this simple rule and sells you a diet plan to achieve it, the magic foods/powders/juices or tablets they make you take aren’t causing weight loss, its the fact you are intaking less calories than your body needs! But they won’t tell you this.

Yes this means you can eat whatever you want and lose weight! As long as you eat less calories than your body expends you WILL lose weight! Use this rule to give you balance and satisfaction when needed not an excuse to eat nothing but junk food! You still need sufficient protein, carbs, fats and nutrients

Now here’s the important bit! Everyone’s body requires a different amount of calories to gain/lose weight, use a simple online calorie calculator to give you a good starting point! Any questions on this drop me a message

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