Should your knees go over your toes in a squat?

Without going into too much depth about limb length, injuries and squat variations which may all affect your knee/foot positioning when performing a squat, the well known phrase that your knees shouldn’t travel over your toes is simply a myth!

The thought behind this is that it puts an increased and unnecessary amount of stress on your knee joint which may lead to injury; this will only be true if there is already an underlying knee injury or the squat is done with excessive forward knee movement.

The reality is if you try to perform a squat without your knees going over and sometimes past your toes you will more than likely struggle to remain upright therefore putting more strain on your lower back, if you fight the urge to tilt forward you will simply fall backwards.

Having said that, it is vital that your heels remain flat on the ground. Failure to do this will increase the likelihood of you developing an injury or just falling forward as your centre of gravity shifts.

To summarise: Yes its okay for your knees to go over your toes (Providing that your heels are flat on the ground), No it’s not bad for your knees, Its safer on your lower back and hips, you will more likely feel your quads working more as a result.

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